Saturday, April 28, 2012


I've worked on a few more of the sketches from KP's April class over at Studio Calico. When #9 came up I had to create from it right away! Here's sketch #9:

This is easily my favorite one of all the sketches from the class. I've been wanting a black Mister Huey's forever. I was so happy to see the Inky Black shade with the new releases. That's what I used above.

The JBS stencil paper in the City of lights kit is my favorite paper in a long time. I've used parts of it on almost every layout I've made with the kit. Here's one for the Sunday Sketch this week:


Thursday, April 19, 2012

City of Lights

New Studio Calico kit - woohoo! Here are my first two layouts with the kit. With the first one I started with that cool speech bubble top ten list, and built around that. I made a list of funny words my daughter says:

For my second layout out I followed KP's sketch class. This is for sketch #5:

I stole the idea for the sun from the talented Tina Azsmus.I really, really like the quality of the washi tapes this month. Very thick and sturdy, and the aqua one has clear stripes that are completely see-through. I loved the patterns on the American Crafts tapes we've gotten in the kits before, but those tapes are so thin and papery and I keep tearing them when I try to unroll them.

/ Magdalena

Monday, April 16, 2012

SC Sunday sketch

I was asked to make the Sunday sketch layout at the Studio Calico blog this week. It was from this lovely sketch:

And this is what I made: 

The original layout was by the amazing Geralyn Sy. I'm a lot messier than her so I scattered the photos rather than lining them up. For once I'm happy with the result of me using paint on a layout. I made rays of sun from the wonderful yellow Kesi' Art PP.

And speaking of Kesi 'Art. My husband is picking up the April kit at the post office RIGHT NOW! So excited to unpack it after dinner. I'll be posting some picture of that too.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

The sketch class

Here's two more layouts I made from KP's sketch class over at Studio CAlico. This is sketch #3:

I also made this for one of the LOAW challenges this month, which is monochromatic. I find this SO hard to do. This is the first time I've ever been able to stick to one color. It was because I picked grey I think. I've tried making chevrons before but messed it up every time. Then I saw this layout by TamiG in the SC gallery, using triangles. Brilliant!

And this is sketch #4:

I'm so stuck on the Encyclopedia add-on! It's my favorite add-on ever. I'm also liking these tiny triangles lately. This is the third layout I've made using them.

I know you also want to check out the Studio Calico blog later tonight. Just saying ;-)


Friday, April 13, 2012

The Liebster award

I've been given the Liebster award by the sweet Maria Stanley who has her blog right here. I was so happy to recieve an e-mail yesterday telling me this. It's given to bloggers with less than 200 followers. And I get to give away 5 Liebster awards in return. Isn't that great?

To accept the Award you must:
1. Thank your Leibster Award sender on your Blog.
2. Link back to your sender on your Blog.
3. Copy and paste your Leibster onto your Blog.
4. Present the Leibster Award to 5 other Blogs with 200 or less. Followers that you feel deserves some attention and recognition for awesome stuff.
5. Let them know they have been chosen by leaving them a comment on their Blog.
Here are the five blogs I've chosen, in no particular order:
  •  Sockergrynet - Marie Holmström. The best scrapbooker in Sweden if you ask me. She has fabulous style! We were on the same DT for awhile so I happen to know she also has the sweetest personality.
  • My next award goes to Nina in Germany. She's a member of the Sketchabilities DT and makes fantastic layouts. She often has lists on her blog that are a fun read. Stop by!
  • The a-ma-zing Margrethe is next. From Norway comes this awesome scrapper. She takes beautiful photos, is a member of several DT's and makes the most amazing layouts.You really want to visit her blog!
  • Patricia in Louisiana makes the most detailed, fantastic layouts and also beautiful PL pages. Also on several DT's. Visit her blog and be inspired!
  • Another Norweigan lady, Tone, has a gorgeous looking blog. I wish I could design like that! Colourful layouts and other fun things on her blog. Go take a look!
Most of all I was shocked to see that all these amazingly creative women even qualified for this award. Thanks again for giving me the award Maria. This was fun!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy news times two

In January there was a LOAW challenge on the Studio Calico blog to submit a project for publishing. I submitted a few of my projects and now in March I figured I wasn't going to hear anything. So... I gave the card I'd submitted to a coworker for her 65th birthday. About a week later I get an e-mail requesting publication in CARDS with that project. Ofcourse! So as embarrassing as it was, I actually asked my co-worker if I could borrow the card and send it in. She was very happy for me, and gave it back to me. But still! I felt bad for her. I promised I'd give her the card back plus the magazine when/if it gets published.

Isn't it also funny that the only thing I got a request for is the card. I've made ONE card from a SC kit since I became a subber almost a year ago.

So now I've had the joy to create and post this sign in my online galleries:

And yes, the card is removed from this blog as well ;-)

I have also been asked to do a small guest job for another blog. Here's a sneak of that project:


Sunday, April 8, 2012


I've discovered a fun page called Scrapjacked. This month they're scrapjacking Michelle Clement. I love her work. I was inspired by the layout where she's folded the bottom piece of a patterned paper and then tucked everything else on the page inside. So much fun!

Materials are all the Studio Calico March kit Story Hour and add-ons, plus the Dear Lizzy chipboard I won on the SC blog.The letter stamps are from this Etsy shop.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Friday, April 6, 2012


KP's second sketch from Studio Calico's April class was a hard one for me. I thought long and hard what I could do to mess it up a bit, but still stick to the sketch. This letter PP was perfect!

My son asks a million questions all day long. I've journaled some that he's asked in the last few days. Translation: "Can you eat ogres? Who was your mama when you were a little girl? Will I become a daddy? When will I grow up? When I grow up, will my name still be Dante? When people die, do new people come?"


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter crafts

I found the idea for these madly cute Easter chickens on Susan Weinroth's blog last year. I'm sorry I can't link you up to the original post. Some blue and yellow paint, patterned paper, scissors, punches and glue. And some tiny hands to make the wings. Easy piecy!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sketch book 4

Kelly Purkey's fourth Sketch book class  started on April 1st. I've downloaded the first PDF and I can already tell I will LOVE this class. I got started on the first sketch right away. Here it is:

As you can tell my Encyclopedia kit finally arrived. I used that add-on almost exclusively for this.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Blow out your stash

That's the name of six new member challenges running on the Studio Calico forum during April. Right here! Challenge number one is to create something with your oldest Studio Calico kit. Mine is Mind the gap. Paper Moon was my first, but I've already killed that one. Here's what I made:

My daughter has a game she plays when we walk home from pre-school. She runs around reaching for lampposts and tree branches. At 3 ft tall she usually doesn't stand a chance, but when she saw this birch tree with low hanging branches she ran straight to it.

I had already used up the cardstock and none of the alphas worked with the picture (they were all orange) so I used some alpha stamps instead. I also threw in 3 veneer asterisks. The polkadot stamp is from Technique Tuesday.