Sunday, June 25, 2017


We're finally on summer break here in Sweden. Last day of school for the kids was on June 8th. I worked for another week and now we're off for eight weeks. Summer so far has been wonderful. Some warm and sunny days, and a bit of rain in between. 

Before I post the pages of week 23 I have to start out by saying I love love loooove the Been & Gone documenter kit from Studio Calico. When I recieve my documenter kit I always start by sorting the cards by color, and most months that can be up to eight piles. I find it hard to work with that many different colors, especially when sometimes one pile consists of one or two cards. There are scrapbookers who brilliantly mix colors on their pocket pages and make them look cohesive, but that's not me. I prefer to be working with one or two colors mixed with black and white. For the month of June the whole kit sorted into only four piles! The Been & Gone kit is super easy to work with. I think it may just be my favorite documenter kit ever. 

For the first page I focused on green and peachy pink. Tina Aszmus' addon card set "Underwater" mixes perfectly with the main kit, and I've been using it through out as well.  The middle photos are taken by my husband after the last day of school ceremony. I didn't add any extra journaling because I've also made a layout about the end of school using these photots. I won't be sharing the layout with you, because it's part of one of the lessons for my new Big Picture Classes class "Old and new" that will be going up later this summer.

The stamp set for the June kit is amazing too, not just the color scheme. It has both phrases and a pattern building set. I've been using the kit stamps a lot more than I usually do.

On Saturday the kids took part in the childrens' obstacle course event. It's 1,2 km obstacle course that ends with a gauntlet where they face the real tv-show gladiators. (That's Dante getting caught by Hero in the mid left photo.) The event raises money for childrens' cancer research. I picked out the blue and pink cards that matched the hat Nea was wearing. The field notes template is from the Tour Guide set by Paislee Press.

The blue and pink theme continues for the last page of week 23. As you can see I've been using that small stamp booklet like crazy! I hope we'll be getting a similar item in a different color scheme in the future. I loved stapling on these colorful bits of paper, and that some of them were big enough to add some journaling to. 

I had a whole series of photos from Nea bouncing this ball on her racket and acting silly. I kept taking photos until I got that wonderful laugh at the end. She's such a goofball!

I've had a hard time getting the chipboard asterisks from the backing without ruining them. I really wish there was a better way to package them. I love that they have adhesive backing but I always manage to pull the bottom part off and having to use glue to attach them anyway. Have you figured out any tricks for getting the whole chipboard shape out of the packaging please share!

I'll be sharing the pages for week 24 tomorrow, so come back then!


Friday, June 16, 2017


At least for a few days! I ended up with enough photos for five pages because of the long weekend of week 21. The supplies for the first spread is mainly from the Alfresco documenter kit from Studio Calico. These Nutella cookies were delicious and easy to make. Nea used the leftover Nutella to spread on a hot dog bun. Why not? 

On our Friday off we all went into the city of Uppsala to shop for some summer clothes for the kids plus get hair cuts. Nea had decided on chopping off most of her hair. It turned out super cute and our mornings are so much easier now!

We spent Saturday baby sitting this sweet little cousin. It was sunny and hot and we brought out the inflatable pool to cool off. Baby cousin would rather explore the backyard than splashing in the water, though. Face "hearted" for privacy. These quote cards are great fillers. One side is black and white and the other side has colors.

Swedish Mother's Day is the last Sunday of May. I got breakfast in bed and sweet homemade cards. Later in the day we visited both grandma's for lunch and a classic Swedish fika. I cut a page from Tina Aszmus' Spring Zine to fill the middle pocket.

I've already started in on Week 22 so hopefully I will be posting those pages shortly!


Monday, May 22, 2017


Summer is finally about to begin! Here in Sweden we've had the coldest spring for 70 years. The snow kept falling even at the beginning of May. The last two weeks have seen some warmer temperatures at last. There is only three more weeks of school and then another week of work for me, then we're off for eight long weeks together. I can't wait!

Project Life week 19 below! Playing chess in bed on a Saturday morning, tulips at our neighbour's house, reading and craft beer with pizza. The wonderful red leaves card is from Tina Aszmus' Spring Zine. It's sold out but she has another one up for pre-order right now. Hurry on over to her shop! The middle card is by Paislee Press and so is the "Unstoppable" label.

I let the sad passing of Chris Cornell take first place in week 20. I had a lot of photos for this week so I used these 4x6 templates by Paislee Press to fit them all in. I used the Afterlight photo editing app to warm up my color photos. I love the light leak filters! Most products are from the Studio Calico "Alfresco" kit that arrived this Friday. I worked my visual triangles using pops of yellow, wood veneer and the orange alphas that came in the kit. 

 / Magdalena

Sunday, May 14, 2017


Here I am again to share a few pocket pages, and a scrapbook layout that I made during the NSD weekend. I was really inspired by the challenges posted on the Studio Calico blog. If you haven't checked them out, you should! You'll be too late to take part in the challenges but inspiration is worth so much more than a $10 prize.

Most products in these pocket pages are from the "Written In The Stars" documenter and scrapbook kits from Studio Calico. This page is for week 16, when we went to the mall for burgers and for the kids to spend their Easter money, I decided to start running again and I tried out a pinspired hairdo for Nea.

Somehow I didn't take a single photo in all of week 17, so here we jump to week 18. This week includes a visit at me and hubby's childhood pool (I haven't been there in 25 years!), my haul from the book store and buying sandals for warmer weather. Bibliophile digi stamp by One Little Bird. I've finished with two of the books below. Visit my 2017 Reading Challenge pinterest board to read some short reviews.

Week 18 continued with babysitting and with the arrival of Tina Aszmus' first zine. The "start" card came tucked in a pocket inside the zine. The Spring 2017 zine is sold out, but the Summer 2017 edition will be added to her shop sometime in May.

As promised I am also sharing the page from Spring Break I hadn't finished. I wanted to document what we'd been watching during the week. These red thickers are from the now closed down Basic Grey company. The thickers were included in the "Summer of '69" scrapbook kit that came out in the summer of 2012. I had to stich them down because they had lost their tackiness, plus I had to write "film" instead movies because I was out of E's. I love the color and font of these!

Inspired by this pin I made a layout for the Line It Up NSD challenge. I wrote about how the Reading Challenges has brought me new authors to read and enjoy, although I'm still sticking to the same genres I've always been reading. I often use lists such as "The scariest books to come out in(year)" to know what to look for at the book store. If the book was written in English I prefer to read it in English. I've always felt that a book loses something when it gets translated. 

Did you get any crafting done for NSD?


Sunday, April 23, 2017


Today I'm sharing another two weeks of our Project Life album. There were not enough photos from week 14 to make up an entire spread on it's own, so I just mixed to photos from both weeks togther.

I used a digital stamp from Studio Calico for the week in review card. I don't use that stamp much because it bothers me that it says Week ho, rather than week no. I went to find these tiny veneer numbers to add some dimension. All cards from Studio Calico's April kit Written in the Stars plus the Spring Break kit designed by One Little Bird.

Have you been watching Amy Gretchen's Project Life process videos? Love them! She's inspired me to do more stamping, and not just with the most recent stamps from the current Studio Calico kit. Before putting these pages together I went through all my stamps and picked out the ones that would make good embellishments such banners and tags. I stamped them all in black ink on a piece of smooth white cardstock. I've then been cutting them out by hand as I go. 

Week 15 was Spring Break, although in Sweden it's called Easter Break, and this page is a small collection of photos of what we did in the 10 days we had off. Crafting, playing, reading, hanging with friends and sleeping in!

I used the 4x6 photo templates vol. 6 from Paislee Press to create a collage from a series of photos I had of Nea posing with a pair of glasses she crafted from plastic packaging and pipe cleaners. The single acetate light bulb I had left over from an older kit went well with her bright idea!

On Friday the 7th of April there was a terror attack in Stockholm, Sweden. I record current events sparingly in our PL album because I think there will be other ways of learning about them in the future, however I felt that this event was imortant enough to go into our album. I found some photos online and paired them with the Big Alpha card set designed by Jasmine Jones. I was out of the letter O so at first I considered using a 2" circle punch on the photos but I felt that there were enough letters left in the word for it to be readable without the O's.

Three of the photos pictures classic stockholm sites (the royal castle, the concrete lions and the cherry blossoms of Kungsträdgården)and last photo shows Prime Minister Stefan Löfven laying down flowers for the victims.

I needed to use the back of this insert for something and decided to make it a place to document our favorite eats of the Easter weekend. The yellow flower card is from the Spring Break set linked on top. All other cards are cut down rounded corner PL cards from Studio Calico, and you'll also recognise a bunch of older stamps in use.

The bottom left cards is a super short recipe for our favorite homemade Easter candy bars. All they contain is mini marshmallows, melted white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. Super easy and super delicious! The gooey marshmallows and the crunchy sprinkles are awesome together. You can use cookie cutters to make Easter-y shapes if you like, but we just do squares. Don't want to waste any of the goodness!

On Sunday of week 14 we celebrated the first birthday of my brother's daughter. These photos all went onto the same page. Sweet baby face covered for privacy! The awesome banner is from the High Five elements pack by Paislee Press.

On the back of this page I plan to put photos of the movies and shows we watched during the week. I haven't finished this page yet so I will share it on a later date! The last page of the weeks 14 and 15 are from the days of Easter. 

First up is the kids dressed up for the Swedish version of trick or Treating which we do on Easter Thursday. Kids make Easter greeting cards and knock on their neighbours' doors dressed as witches. The cards are exchanged for candy, originally collected in a coffee pot. Dante preferred to dress up as the Easter Bunny this year. I dug up a set of Easter themed cards from my stash. I think they may be from last year? I found a tiny veneer heart for the bunny's nose. It looked so sad, but the heart perked it up a bit! And the carrots from Tina Aszmus' Painted Veggie card set went well with the easter theme too.

I haven't bought (or used!) veneer embellishments in years, and I'm really dipping into my stash now. Any tips on where to find cute veneer shapes these days?

Enjoy spring (or fall if you're in the southern hemisphere) and I'll see you soon!


Sunday, April 16, 2017


Week 13 is all about golden colors. Some photos need to be printed in color, such as the one of our daughter's hair and that delicious tall glass of beer. And with that I had the week's color scheme set.

Again most products are from older Studio calico kits. I found the current kit hard to work with, and I've already used up the cards that I liked. I sliced the orange leaves card in half because it called too much attention to itself. The owl and floral cards are from a digital card set by LifeLovePaper. The numbers card is Ali Edwards and the "Loving right now" is another digital card set by One Little Bird.

I'm still digging into my veneer stash since my purge and scrap supply reorganising.  It's so much fun to rediscover older product.

The reading card is Studio Calico but you can make a similar one yourself using the Chapters Elements kit from One Little Bird. That's also where the book lover label can be found.

And happy 74th  birthday to my mom!

Tomorrow you will find the spread for week 14 on my blog, and if you didn't come by here yesterday don't miss out on my post for week 12.


Saturday, April 15, 2017


We've all been there. Trying to put a spread together that. Just. Won't. Work. It's so annoying! You move things around, do your journaling, pick your cards. Hate it. Start over. Again and again. Right?

That was my week 12. I don't even remember how many times I went back to start over, trying to move things around to see if I liked it better. I ruined a whole bunch of cards and photos and I suppose I could've just left well enough alone. It's about the memory keeping, I know! But for me it's about pretty products as well and if I don't like what I make it feels pointless. 

I finally made it work when I put all the blue tone photos on the same page and went to find cards with the same dark blue tone on them. I didn't have enough dark blue cards to let the color carry over onto the second page so I went with baby pink for that one. 

I really like the quote cards from Studio Calico. One side has color and the other side is black and white. The tiny printable is cut from a card included in this set by One Little Bird.

I had also printed a book review, another One Little Bird product, but it smudged in the printer and I couldn't make it work with the rest of the products. Instead I added a folded piece of washi tape as a pull tab and tucked it behind the book photo. 

And, if you are looking for a nonstop exciting read I recommend this trilogy by Peter May. It's a murder mystery and a relationship drama connecting the present and the past twenty years back. And you'll learn a little Gaelic, too!

I've liked and pinned lots of colorful pocket pages lately and I really love those! But what made this spread finally work for me was picking a color and going with it. There are so many talented memory keepers out there who manage to get the multicolor layout to work for them, but I'm not able to do that. I'd love to find out what the trick is, that's for sure. Just look at these pages by Catherine Davis, Kelly Noel, Nancy Damiano, Jippo and Confettiheart
Multicolored pocket pages - that's a class I'd take!

I'll have another weekly spread up tomorrow, so drop by then.