Tuesday, November 7, 2017


November 2nd was the last Day In The Life of 2017. I haven't observed any of the others this year, but this time we all had the day off so it was an easy day to document. When putting the pages together I used the digital kit Ali put together for this day. The cards had a fun new concept of counting during the day, which I enjoyed. The pages will go into our regular Project Life album.

Week 44 is Fall Break here in Sweden, which meant we could sleep in this morning. After breakfast Nea and I sat in the kitchen to do some crafting. She loves watching Kristina Werner's word art videos, so she tried her hand at one of her own. While I made lunch, she took a hot shower. Dante was playing Overwatch on the PS4.

I went on Ali's Craft the Story facebook page to ask if everyone counted breakfast as a meal. They did, but I decided against it. The reason is I journaled about being SO tired of cooking. I'm not a huge fan of eating cooked meals which makes me even less motivated to cook them. The kids on the other hand always want a cooked meal, which surprises me because I hated meal time as a kid. This day I decided to cook a big lunch, and then they could put the leftovers in the microwave for dinner.

The number stickers are from the October Studio Calico documenter kit, Gypsy Moon. They matched Ali's word strips nicely. For some reason my printer didn't print them all the same shade of blue, but that's ok. 

After making lunch, cleaning and doing laundry I deserved a reading break. My favorite tea mug is the size of a flower pot. I've had that brown wool blanket since I was two. It's huge and so warm and my favorite posession. It's what I'd bring to a deserted island, for sure.

The original card below had the dollar sign, but I cut the letters KR from another card and changed the colour to gray. Swedish money is called "kronor". The reason we spent so much without leaving the house is we had bills to pay. 

I propped my phone up on some books and used the self timer to take the nail polish photo. Nea has a pink night light in her room which gave the photo of her in bed a cool shade.

I didn't count the hugs during the day, but I used the eight as an infinite sign instead. We love hugs in our family!

I hope you've found some inspiration to document a Day In The Life of your own. Tomorrow I'm posting an update of how I'm doing with the 2017 Reading Challenge. See you then!


Monday, November 6, 2017


I loooove Halloween! I always buy whatever addons Studio calico put out for the holiday. This year it was a mini card kit by Tina Aszmus which seems to have sold out unfortunately. You can find it digital form here, though.

I also bought the Paislee Press Fall Magic Elements pack, which really loved.

My favorite part of making a Jack o' lantern is I get to have roasted pumpkin seeds after. Some olive oil, rock salt, chili flakes and powdered cinnamon and you have the best snack ever. Yum!

Dante wanted to be "V for Vendetta" and Nea wanted to be a witch. We didn't have a wide brimmed hat, but Dante found my dad's old hat and used that. I think my dad wore in the late 60's! 

I found a pack of fun Halloween paper glasses at H&M, and did a family photo shoot. The kids picked their favorites, and us grownups took what was left. Super fun glasses! I sliced off a row of pockets to make an insert. On the pack I will document what movies we watched during Fall Break.

Also I'm mad jealous of my daughter's hair colour. Yes, it's real! 

I hope you all enjoyed Halloween, and have fun documenting it! Come back tomorrow for a look at my Day In The Life pages from November 2nd. I used Ali's kit for the day, and really like how it turned out.


Sunday, November 5, 2017


I've decided to split up my October posts. Tomorrow I will post my Halloween pages, and today I'll be showing you the rest of my October pages plus a layout. I'll be making more layouts from my October photos, but I usually focus on documenting our everyday life first.

The gold and black October card is from Tina Aszmus' Halloween mini card kit. Love it! Everything else is from recent monthly Studio Calico kits. I've also used the Autumn Vibes templates from Paislee Press.

For some reason I took a ton of photos for the first week of October, but hardly any the next. The first week of October has my birthday and also the Swedish "Cinnabun Day" - a very important occasion to celebrate. The photo of my daughter has a quote. The first thing she said when waking up this morning was "Mommy, you are the world's best everything!", then she paused and added "Except the world's best turd.". Lucky me!

So I'll be honest here. I LOVE making my album pages but I HATE photographing them. Mainly because to prevent glare I need to remove every single card from the pockets and then put them back. For this blog post I couldn't be bothered (sorry, not sorry) so there is glare in these photos.

In our family you get to pick dinner on your birthday, so I picked pizza. Not because it's my favorite but because it's the only kind of restaurant nearby. I didn't want to cook, and I didn't want to have to go into the city on a school night, so pizza it was. I picked the Quattro Formaggi - four kinds of cheese including blue cheese. The kids were horrified that I picked moldy pizza for my birthday dinner, bwaha!

Also how happy are we that Supernatural, Stranger Things AND The Walking Dead are back on? 

I know you can't see it in this picture but the closeup of the kids' eyes shows off how different their eye colors are. Dante has blue eyes with lighter rays and Nea has green eyes. They asked me to take a photo so they could compare. 

Skipping week 41 because I didn't take any photos, here is week 42 on the left and week 43 on the right. I don't always record the weekly number. I know my photos are roughly in chronological order so not having a date on something doesn't bother me. 

I took an afternoon of from work and went to get a haircut. I had time for a stroll around the city before a friend met up for dinner. We ate at a super cool place called Pinchos, where you order through an app and pick up your own food and drinks from the counter. They serve delicious tapas and the decorations are circus themed. They even have entertainment through speakers in the bathrooms.

Fall is for reading! Refurnishing our bedroom meant I got to trade my nightstand for a bookshelf. Woohoo!

If you have visited my blog before you know that every year I do a birthday interview with the kids. This year I thought "Hey, why just the kids?!", so I made a birthday interview layout for myself. All products are from the Studio Calico October kit "Gypsy Moon". I hope you notice how I used both a border punch and a label maker for this layout. It's been years since they were brought out for scrapbooking. And yep, I'm 45. Imagine that!

Stay young at heart people! I hope to see you tomorrow for my Halloween pages.


Sunday, October 1, 2017


My favorite season is here! I love everything about fall - the temps, the food, the drinks, nature, the cozy darkness, scary movies  and books coming out. All of it! I was lucky enough to recieve Tina Aszmus' Fall journaling cards as part of my September guest DT spot goodies. Last month I ordered her Halloween kit, too. Looking forwards to using more of that in October.

Nea got a movie ticket for her August birthday and wanted to go see Despicable Me 3. On the way home we got caught in a crazy rainstorm and had a good laugh about that. We also went shopping for new tea flavors. The seasonal blends of fall are my favorite. We got Choco Chili, Earl Grey Spice (which smelled just like cinnamon buns) and Autumn Embers (a mix of black tea, cardamom and grapefruit). 

The autumn sky photo was taken by Nea on the way home from a friend. I've also documented getting carded at the liquor store. I'm 44 and the legal limit in Sweden 20. YAS! I'm sticking to my scary reads. Two books in September. Gwendy's Button Box by Stephen King was a good short story but I don't know if it deserves getting published on it's own. It would've sat better in an anthology. The other book is the third and last part of a trilogy by John Ajvide Lindqvist. I suspect it'll be awhile before it comes out in English.

The next page is all new cards paired with older embellishments from my stash. Barbequing at my brother's and silly kids playing around. I have the world's cutest niece! You'll just have to take my word for it. :)

More scary stuff! I've been watching FTWD in wait of TWD premiering in mid October. I cannot wait! The other night I dreamt Daryl turned into a werewolf and had to be put down. Me and hubby went to see It and it was everything it's been hyped up to be. Loved it!

The last page for September is all photos from a day in the woods with grades 4 and 5. It looks like I was alone but I had four classes and seven collegues with me. I just made sure to keep them out of the frame so I could publish the pictures without asking for permission.

And that is all for September. Enjoy whatever season you're having where you live!


Sunday, September 10, 2017


August went by so quickly with GISHWHES and Nea's birthday in the first week, getting back to work in the second week and school starting for the kids the third week. We also managed to squeeze in a week of being sick in the flu and I got food poisoning on top of that. It was a busy month!

I've taken lots of photos this month, and posted two of the August pocket pages on the blog yesterday. We no longer get the rubber month in the Studio Calico documenter kits, and I'm quite happy about that. I prefer variation! This is the August title page. Baking blueberry muffins, hanging with friends and taking swim lessons at the pool.

When completing one of the GISHWHES items (Get a caveperson to demonstrate glass-blowing!) we visited Ulva kvarn. It's an old mill that houses all kinds of craftsmen and women plus a café. The top right card is from the Tour Guide photo templates by Paislee Press.

We are seeing the end of the summer season here in Sweden. I wanted to document that with a few nature pictures. With them I added in some "reading and watching right now". Book review card from the digital kit Chapters by One Little Bird.

Beartown by Fredrik Backman was the last book I read for the summer. It was amazing! I read until 4 AM and finished it one day. It's the first part of a series of three books. I'm really looking forwards to reading the rest. 

I'm wrapping up August with photos from the birthday party for our kid's twin cousins, who were born three days after Nea. Silly family photos FTW!


Saturday, September 9, 2017


I was really excited to be asked to guest the Studio Calico creative team for September. It's such a colorful kit that suited my style perfectly. I got to work with both the scrapbook and documenter kit plus the mini book and fall card addons and a few extra stamp sets. You can find all the creative team projects here.

This floral paper was my favorite paper from the scrapbook kit. It looked great on top of the black cardstock. I used the bottom strip of paper to add a bit of punch next to the photo. This is my favorite photo from our summer roadtrip to Dalarna. I love how their cool poses don't match the beautiful countryside setting at all!

Nea had her birthday in August and every year I do a birthday interview with the kids. I used no patterned paper for the birthday interview layout, just every single button in the package! The title stamp got some golden dots from a gel pen.

As I may have told you before I keep my layouts and pocket pages all together in the same album. The layout above goes with this pocket page, that I've made with the August documenter kit.

The first week of August is also GISHWHES week. GISHWHES is short for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. It's such a fun event that focus on charity both by donating money but also comitting random acts of kindness throughout the week. You're in a team with 14 other people trying to complete around 200 crazy and creative challenges. The whole thing is organized by American actor Misha Collins. This year GISHWHES saved 40.000 acres of rainforest in Nepal and rescued a dance school aimed at providing a career in dancing for underprivilaged children in South Africa.

One of the items for this year was to get the quote "We create therefor we live" tattooed on your body. I wasn't the one to get the tattoo, but I thought it was a wonderful quote. I put it on this layout to document my parttaking in GISHWHES of 2017. I picked the rainbow stripe paper and cut it in tiny triangles to make it look like a big colrful explosion of creativity. The photo was taken by my daughter. I'm wearing a caveperson costume I stitched together for one of the items.

I wanted to put some of the items I completed in my album, so I put together a pocket page too. I used the August kit with a few other items to make a GISHWHES spread. The items you see here are toys caught in the act, snail yoga, recreating a page from a children's book, recreating a celebrity photo shoot and then tweeting it to said celebrity (check the hashtag #embracereality for more hilarious recreations!), my favorite cartoon character made from spices, an Enochian typewriter, giving flowers to someone exiting a place of worship other than my own, a caveperson demonstrating glass blowing and showing off a teacup and saucer holster to bring a bit of sophistication to the wild west.

I was super excited to have my Rihanna tweet picked up by the GISHWHES team on the second day of the hunt. Don't I look just like her?

Besides the three layouts above I had a pocket page spread in the CT gallery for September. It was all about our day of fun at Gröna Lund, the Stockholm amusement park. We spent the day on the rides and in the evening we got to watch Alice Cooper in concert. Something Dante had been looking forwards to since Christmas.

Come back tomorrow to see the rest of my August pages!


Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Guess what? I've got my fourth class up at Big Picture Classes this week. It's all about digging into your stash for the reall old, or ancient even, supplies that are hiding in there. The class is called Old & New and takes up paper, specialty paper, alphabets and embellishments. The aim is to get you to stop hoarding and start crafting! 

I've checked out a few of the other new classes as well, and you really get a bang for your buck right now! Pocket Prompts 30 by Leontien van Veen was as beautiful as expected, with some great photography tips in there. Me and my 8 year old took the Doodling Nature class by Mandy Ford, and had a great time drawing together. I must also recommend the Digging Deeper | Adding Meaningful Journaling class by Candace Perkins. It made me reconsider the way I journal in Project Life. I don't want to give anything away but it's an eyeopener! I'm sure there are many more great classes too, but I haven't had the time to check them all out.

Aaaaaand tomorrow, my contribution to the September Design Team gallery at Studio Calico goes live. Check it out at noon EST! I have a pocket spread and three layouts in the gallery. It was super fun to work with the September kits. Loved the colors! Plus there are some amazing fall themed products as well. 

As I promised earlier in the month here are a few more of the pages from our family roadtrip this summer. With so many photos it takes time to document it all!

LifeLovePaper freebies deluxe below! Check out this blogpost by Tina Aszmus for a list of her freebies. I combined Tina's freebies with the Summer Vibes Elements kit by Paislee Press.

I had a bunch of ephemera to add to the piece about our visit to Falu Gruva, the old copper mine in Falun. Sweden. I stapled the ticket for the guided tour to a 4x6 card from Studio Calico. Also, more Paislee Press digitals!

To fit it all in I used a 6x8 page protector as an insert. I tucked a map of the mine area in one of the front pockets. And how cute is Nea in the yellow mine tour outfit? Behind the insert you get a glimpse of a fact booklet that I just hole-punched and stuck in the album on it's own. And I finally got my hands on the Avery insert tabs at Ali Edwards. They sell out so fast! 

The mine is said to have been discovered by a billy goat named Kåre (Coar-reh)a thousand years ago, when he came back home to his master with red horns. 

The last page I'm sharing with you today is from our visit to Sollerö-Åsens fäbod. There are many of these seasonal farms in northern Sweden. They were used for just a few short weeks in the summer for food production and grazing for the animals. One of these farms would house the teen daughters of the village and they would spend the summer up here working hard but having a great time out on their own too, I imagine. Many of these small farms are now in use as summer homes or kept as museums. This farm was in use from the mid 1600's until the 1940's. 

My paternal grandmother had many stories from her mother that used to take the family goats up to one of these farms during summer. They were mostly ghost stories (or goat stories, hehe) and I was terrified. I believed them all! Mostly because she believed them, too. 

That's all for today. Don't forget to check out reveal at Studio calico tomorrow!